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I’m afraid you’re a bit off on the ending of the human race, instead of 1,000 years I believe it’s more like 50 years from now Sept. 2018. The reason I say this is , when Jesus was asked about the end times He told them, if those days were not shortened no flesh would survive on the earth, but for the sake of the elect God’s people those days will be shortened.

And last but no least: Fresh off the scene from those epic embarrassments, the UN now wants to tell governments of the world how to censor the Internet.

GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

They aren’t going to get there without some major bumps in the road, but this is what we are moving toward.

$USDMXN hila dos sesiones consecutivas de caídas. Con la rotación cerca de activos de riesgos, quizás haya margen para descensos adicionales. Sin bloqueo, a medida que se acercan las elecciones en EEUU, el par podría retornar a subir por la incertidumbre propia del proceso electoral

Gary showcases his work with multiple video reports daily, on his excellent You Tube channel grindall61. –

La semana pasada el Indec publicó el Índice de Producción Industrial (IPI) manufacturero de junio y mostró que el sector comienza a ensayar una recuperación parecida a una V pero inclusive está 13% por debajo de los niveles prepandemia. Singular de los datos que obsesiona al Gobierno y a los industriales es cómo eso se traduce en las maquinarias en desuso de las fábricas.

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequencies and vibrations.”

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There’s much more land that is untouched/unoccupied than that that has been developed and occupied so don’t even dare go down check here the path of overpopulation! It’s a myth, a globalist myth pushed through the msm. The globalists, via their banks and puppet governments (that they control by using bribes of their bs worthless $$$) have nothing in mind but control over, and enslavement of, all the people of the earth!

And presented Vencedor an admirable new agenda the world is waiting for, with more globalisation and more centralisation!

The bible is entirely symbolic of astrology and physiology, how the cosmos affects us here…Ganador above so below says the bible.

Consulte nuestro calendario económico para explorar los eventos globales que podrían crear volatilidad o cambiar la dinámica de los mercados financieros.

Doesn’t anyone find the timing of the 5G deployment and the announcement from Harvard University “Solar Geoengineering to Block the sun experiment ” very obvious that this is how they will start the kill off by aluminum poison in chemtrails.

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